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Fish Face - The Power of Example

There are days when I am teaching the kids new skills and there are days when the kids are teaching me.  One such day, was during a lesson plan that involved a green twister ring.  After warm up, one instructor will set up the stations and the other will explain and demonstrate the circuit.  This particular day, I was the one demonstrating.  I came to the "green circle" station that was a forward roll on the floor. Being goofy, before showing the kids the station, I picked up the green circle and made a fish face.  The kids laughed, I laughed and then I put it down to show them how to stand in it, reach for the ground, look for their belly button and roll.  After I was done explaining, the kids picked a station and we started the circuit time.  

When the first kid got to the forward roll station, he first picked up the green circle, made a fish face and then proceeded -- just as I had demonstrated.  One by one, each kid made the fish face first before doing their forward roll.  It was so cute!  As I stood there and watched, this thought crossed my mind...Look at the power of example...Look at the power of influence....  

They didn't realize that my goofy fish face was just that.  It was a goofy fish face, not part of the actual circuit. But that is what I did, so that is what they did.  Several things struck me - my fish face wasn't meant to be repeated, but because of my example, the kids who watch me every week, followed. Regardless of position or title, someone is always watching.  It may be a child, it may be a co-worker, it may be a family member, or it may be a friend. Someone is watching.  Are they going to choose to follow?  Am I living out a life that is worthy of following?  Are there things that I am doing that I don't want followed?

The fish face seems silly, but every time I make one now, I remember that day and the power of example.  I love TUMBLEBUS for so many reasons, but this particular day was because sometimes they teach me more than I teach them.  -Lindsay :)  

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