Summer Camp 2013

Summer Camp 2013 is here! Tumblebus Tampa is a little different from the traditional summer camp. Instead of your child attending every day at a certain location, we visit 13 preschools in the Tampa Bay area and offer weekly gymnastics classes. Our gymnastics program offers a fun-theme lesson each week for kids that attend preschool throughout the summertime. It's also great for school age (5-7) kids to learn how fitness can be fun! It's not unusual for us to have alumni Tumblebus Kids come back from kindergarten and 1st grade and participate during the summer months. CLICK HERE for our current weekly schedule. If your child currently attends a school we visit, but is not enrolled, please call Tennille to sign up! 813-482-2842

We are ready for a FUNTASTIC Gymnastic Summer! We have kicked it off with a stop at the TUMBLEBUS Beach! Read all about it in our June TumbleTalk Newsletter and see more pictures on Facebook


Tumblebus Skill Charts-Part 2

A couple weeks ago we announced that we added Skill Charts to our Tumblebus Tampa Program. We truly believe 30 minutes of gymnastics and fitness a week can be a major jump start to a childs' physical and mental development. This chart shows the skills the children are working on and their personal progress. If your child is a Tumblebus kid he/she will receive their Tumblebus Skill Chart this week! They are so proud of what they have done and we are so proud of them! (We kind of get that "Proud Parent" feeling seeing their little faces light up =)) So make sure you look in their daily folder/cubby/backpack or ask the teacher if they have it on their clipboard. We not only worked hard on putting this together, the kids have worked hard to showcase their new skills! Ready to see what they worked on and where to put this Skill Chart?! Let the kids show and tell you! Watch the Video below! 


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Lesson Plan Logic: Tumblebus Skill Chart











While 30 minutes a week might not seem like a lot of time, it is amazing what we are able to get accomplished on the Tumblebus. This is why we believe it was important for us to create a Special TUMBLEBUS Skill Chart and add it as part of our Tumblebus Program. This Skill Chart will show what we are working on and how the kids are progressing in our program. To be honest, I think we have as much fun seeing what each kid can do as the kids do "showing" us their skills! 

What will be on the Tumblebus Skill Chart?

We do so much on the TUMBLEBUS that we had to narrow it to 40 different gymnastics skills! We also created a total of FOUR different Skill Charts to fit the skill level at each developmental stage!

Over three weeks, each Tumblebus Kid is asked to show us a specific skill. There are three "scores" that could be earned: 1) "Check" which means they tried the skill we asked them to perform 2) "Star" which means they are working on it, but do not quite have it perfected and 3) "Happy Face" which means they got it, they have mastered the skill! While a "Happy Face" is the ultimate achievement, this is hard to obtain. For our youngest Tumblebus Stars, even a check is a huge accomplishment. Most likely, there will be a variety of scores on a child's chart.

Our Tumblebus Kids have worked so hard and we are so proud of each Tumblebus Kid!

If your child is a Tumblebus Student, Skill Charts will be going home the week of May 20th! 

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