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Lesson Plan Logic: Beauty & the Beast & A Bug's Life! 

Over half way through March and we have been having a blast on the TUMBLEBUS! We started off being Beautys & Beasts from Beauty & the Beast. Spinning like Chip the teacup and dancing at the ball with the parachute. Read the full story in our latest TumbleTalk Newsletter! 

Now, this week we started on an adventure with Flick and his friends from A Bug's Life. During warm-ups we are Hopper, the grasshopper (similar to frog jumps). If your kid is hopping around at home it might be because we told them to practice & show off! After more warm-up, it is on to the circuit. During the circuit, we are "Ant's". Ant's are extremely strong creatures, so we have incorporated a lot of strength items into the circuit stations. This lesson we are using the Rings to swing over the pond. Then, we have brought on the Bar! They are learning to hold their own weight and be brave by flipping over. (See the picture below. Bottom Left) Then down the Slide, straddle jumps on the Trampoline and then push-up walks down the Balance Beam (See Picture Below. Top Right). The kids love telling us how "strong" they are and we love that they get excited!

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Lesson Plan Logic-Holiday Rock! 


Current Lesson: Holiday Rock

Objective: Build Confidence, Strength & Balance

The kids are helping Santa deliver presents! We are using bean bags as our presents to work on balance and coordination during the warm up. The circuit consists of flying in the sleigh (rings) and sliding down the rooftop. This helps the kids gain confidence in holding their own weight. The kids then tip toe to the chimney and slide down (slide) and through (tunnel) to deliver the presents. They swing on the chandelier (monkey bars) and tip toe across the mantle (balance beam.) They must jump back up the chimney to leave (trampoline). And then off to the next house!

Next Lesson: Christmas Celebration

Objective: Continue to build on Confidence, Strength & Balance Circuit: Zipline, Monkey Bars, Vault, Cartwheels & Ice Skating!

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