Santa's List

Still need to check off a few boxes on your Christmas list? Let us help. We have the perfect gift for your little Tumblebus Star -- TUMBLEBUS Gear, of course! The kids love Tumblebus and every day they ask for a Tumblebus shirt like ours. This would be the perfect Stocking Stuffer Surprise, a definite must have. Check out our awesome t-shirts and merchandise we have available! Click HERE

Order by December 7th to ensure delivery for Christmas! 


Still looking for ideas? Check out the mini trampoline! This is a present that keeps on giving, until the kids tire out. Our students absolutely L O V E the trampoline. Some days I believe they would be happy with a Tumblebus full of Trampolines. It's great exercise and they seriously love it! 

Trampoline Tip: Make sure you remind your child to jump in the middle :) 






Meet our Staff-Gabe 



 Gabe is one of our main instructors and Tumblebus Drivers. He has a passion for teaching kids and has volunteered working with children for several organizations thoughout high school and college; including summer camps and churches. Gabe feels that the age the kids are when they come on the Tumblebus is a crucial stage for learning; an age where some things they learn can end up staying with them for the rest of their lives. He does a great job creating a positive learning environment and showing the children that fitness is fun and essential to a healthy lifestyle. Gabe hopes that all of the students will grow to not only care about fitness in their lives, but grow to want it in their lives as well. We are excited to have him as part of our Team. Especially since he is a fan of our favorite saying, "Tumblebus rocks!"






Introducing...Lesson Plan Logic!


The time is here to announce our new Blog Series- Lesson Plan Logic. Did you know Tumblebus Tampa has a new theme and lesson plan every two weeks? Our staff puts a lot of time and effort into these lessons and we want you- the parent- to know how much value the kids are really getting. We want to educate you and give you a closer look at what the Tumblebus Stars are working on each lesson. Also, we want to share this awesome experience so you can become part of the fun, be able to encourage conversation and practice at home. Yes, we are asking you to turn your living room into  a gymnasium. 

Starting TODAY, we will start sharing our new "Lesson Plan Logic".

Here is our first Lesson Plan Logic

This lesson we are saddling up for a fun Cowboy/Cowgirl Showdown! We are pros at walking on the Balance Beam forward, so now we are walking sideways...on our toes. Still learning right & left, a colorful bandanna is tied to our ankles to help us to learn. Week one, right; week two left. During warm-ups, we used our "bandanna" leg to lead us in gallops across the bus. We continue to work on our pony kicks and handstands, always remembering to keep straight arms and strong, tight tummies! Our last station is a fun ball toss game. This helps us work on our hand eye coordination. Always important! We finished our lession with sit-ups and Yee-Haw!  
Want to see the pony kicks at home? Have your little one put their hands on the floor, one leg up and KICK!  
See the pictures from our stations.


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