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The TUMBLEBUS is an ongoing, year round program that runs 48 weeks out of the year. Our tuition rates are based upon a 4-week session (billed monthly).

This is a tuition based, skill progression program with a limited number of spaces per class. Your enrollment guarantees your child his/her place in the class. Once you are enrolled we will be taking your child EVERY week and you will be charged, unless you call our office to discontinue. You may withdraw at any time by simply contacting us with your intent and a specific date for withdrawal. Classes will still be billed and payment will still be expected for any child who has not been formally withdrawn from the program.

Credits are issued and there is no charge, for classes canceled by TUMBLEBUS due to weather or mechanical problems. Payments will be adjusted accordingly if TUMBLEBUS is unable to reschedule the canceled class. Credits are also issued if your child does not attend the school on Tumblebus day if you contact us prior to the class. 

All permission slips and payments may be turned in to the school, or we can enroll over the phone. Please see our mailbox, or check with your director for our class dates and times. Students may enroll at anytime in our program. Again, we pro-rate you first session if you start in the middle. 

We do all of our billing through E-MAIL. Parents please do not get upset for receiving an e-mail or message from TUMBLEBUS regarding your child’s account on TUMBLEBUS.

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