Frequently Asked Questions

Will the TUMBLEBUS Program be held after school?

Our lessons are scheduled according to the preschools curriculum during normal school hours. Our free introductory classes are usually offered in the afternoons to introduce our program to our parents and give them the opportunity to express any questions they may have regarding TUMBLEBUS Tampa program. 

How many children will be allowed in the bus at a time?

There is a 10-13 kid maximum (depending on the ages of the children) per lesson with two instructors on board at all times. We want to ensure everyone will be safe while participating in lessons and we want to provide each kid with as much individualized attention as possible.

How long are the lessons?

The lessons are 30 minutes long. The lessons include: a warm up, a structured circuit which focuses on different muscle groups weekly and a cool down.

Will my child be waiting in line for his/her turn thereby not having a full session?

No, everyone participates in group activities throughout the entire lesson.

If TUMBLEBUS Tampa is closed for a week do I still have to pay the full monthly tuition?

Yes, TUMBLEBUS Tampa is a ongoing program, operating 48 weeks of the year.  We are closed for the week of July 4th, the week of Thanksgiving, the week of Christmas and the week of New Year's.  Our membership fee and monthly tuition is based off the 48 week schedule; therefore, over the course of the year, there will be months with 3, 4 or 5 weeks. 

Do you give credit for a missed class?

TUMBLEBUS Tampa only gives credit for a missed class if we are notified (call or email) in advance or on the day of the missed class.  The credit is applied to the next month tuition.

Is this sponsored by the preschool?

No, TUMBLEBUS Tampa is a privately owned company and does all administrative work. TUMBLEBUS Tampa is an enrichment program that would be an addition to a preschool’s curriculum.

Will the teaching staff be there?

The teaching staff is welcome to be there, but not all kids participate in the program and the teaching staff needs to attend to those kids that do not participate.

What should the kids wear? 

The kids should wear comfortable clothes on TUMBLEBUS days. T-shirt and shorts would be great. Leggings or shorts under a dress are a must! We flip, roll or hang upside down one way or another at almost every class. Loose, comfy play clothes work the best! Puffy, or big pleated dresses can sometimes get in the way of performance, and then it becomes a safety issue!  Limit jewelry or hair accessories! Please, no necklaces or headbands, which could be lost or broken. A simple ponytail to keep long hair out of the face works best!

What kinds of footwear?

Tennis shoes are best on the TUMBLEBUS. We jump, climb, hang, run, skip, leap, gallop, crawl, roll, hop, bounce, kick, start, stop, walk, dodge, walk on tip toes, and have our toes in all kinds of funny places! No flip flops please - they just don’t work. We don’t want any ankles twisted, toes smashed, or shoes flying off! (We leave all shoes on during class. We don’t want your child’s time on the bus spent dealing with shoes! Also, tennis shoes or hikers provide the best traction and stability for the foot)

What if my child gets a “boo-boo”? 

We do not administer anything for injuries except for Band-Aids. If a scrape breaks the skin, or if a bruise or bump may appear, we will apply a Band-Aid and fill out an accident report to be sent home. A more serious injury would be handled by the school’s emergency procedures on file, and an accident report would be sent home, as well as a phone call placed directly to you.

Are parents allowed to watch?

We welcome parents to observe a class! Feel free to drop in and see all the wonderful activities your children are learning.


Other Policies and Procedures: 

Checks will be made payable to: TUMBLEBUS Tampa 

Your child will be taken from class every week, unless you call our office to notify us otherwise. Please do not call your child's school to relay a message to us.

This is a commitment. To cancel this commitment please contact the TUMBLEBUS Tampa office.